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Howdy everyone, and welcome to my humble blog. This site is dedicated to taking the best, and most simple things in life and looking at them from a new perspective, just like the underrated Panic! at the Disco song tells us to. For example, what would a Yugoslav football team look like today? Is it possible that Todd Cantwell is the finest footballer of his generation? And did Tornado actually cheat to win the sixth series of Robot Wars?

If you’ve ever had thoughts about any of the above questions, I have a feeling you’ll enjoy this website. If you’re a fan of either football, modern history or robots that fight each other, have a look around and see what interests you. I hope you enjoy, that your experience is enriching, and you don’t get too disturbed by what I think about on a daily basis.


BattleBots 2021 Final Review: Controversy, Changes for Next Year, and Why Tantrum is the New GOAT

Happy Easter, comrades! On this fine holiday where we celebrate the resurrection of our lord and saviour by stuffing our faces with chocolate rabbits (such is the nature of our society), what better occasion to take time out to reflect on the BattleBots final that was? I should start by saying that I’m aware the …


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