About Me

For those of you who were wondering, my name is Arran, I’m 24, and I’m very bored.

That’s why I started this blog! I’ve just finished 4 years of studying at UEA, with 3 years as an undergrad reading Film & History, and an extra year studying for an MA in Modern History. As you all know, arts degrees don’t get you anywhere in life, so here I am writing a blog.

I haven’t quite gotten a life goal figured out yet, but I know that I want writing to be a big part of it. So I thought, what better way to combine my love of football with what I’ve learned from my degree, put my thoughts down online, and then share them with the world than to start something like this? I also love fighting robots, and one day I’ll find a way to merge all three of these topics together into one big, messy ball of mechanised mayhem. But the overall point of this site is to have some fun thinking of how the world could be different today, and to generally go off on a tangent about whatever thought has crossed my mind in the shower on a particularly drizzly morning.

For now, I hope you enjoy the content I’ve created, and if you do, then feel free to share it around!

That’s me in the corner

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